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George Washington visited Cherry Valley in the 1700's. The poet, Allen Ginsberg once founded an artist's retreat here. Other famous people like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Willa Cather & Hillary Clinton have visited Cherry Valley
Why? The answer can be found simply by paying this gentle, peaceful village nestled in a valley just north of Cooperstown, west of Albany and east of Syracuse, a visit.
The village abounds in history. A visit to the museum reveals a collection of women's clothing dating from the 1800's, early kitchen ware, furniture, quilts and farm tools. The village offers a self guided walking tour where you will see fine examples of early architecture and historic monuments.
But the best thing you'll find about a visit to Cherry Valley is what you'll find there today. Great shops like the Plaide Palette Celtic Art Shop, A Rose is a Rose Flower Shop, Nancy's Old & New, Clough's Bookshop, Rury's Food Store(get the cheese), Coyote's Cafe, and Memories on Main St, where you may get a glimpse of Elvis.
A drive to Cherry Valley from anywhere will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in New York State. Once famous, Route 20 which runs east & west from New York to California is once again becoming a popular route for those who wish to take the time to stop at road side stands, and eat in rural restaurants like the Rose & Kettle, The Breakfast House, & Memories on Main St. Cherry Valley is just a whisper off of Route 20, but once you park your car and step onto Main Street you'll want to wander throughout the village and if you're lucky, spend the night in one of the local Bed & Breakfasts. Stay an hour or two or a day or a weekend. Don't let another season pass you by without a visit to this special place.
                                                                                                                By Lance Manning

      The Rose & Kettle Restaurant


Arise Mixon & Co. right next door to the Rose & Kettle Restaurant

Nectar Hills Farm Store- 17-1/2 Main St


The Plaide Palette  

Clough's Bookstore  in the old telegraph bldg.            

                                                            A Rose is a Rose Flower Shop



The Tepee- A Cherry Valley Landmark on US Hwy 20


                         Rury's Food Store- Serving Cherry Valley for 60 years      

Coyotes Cafe- Open 7 Days a week

The Cherry Valley Museum- What's inside will impress you!


           The Massacre Monument in the Cherry Valley Cemetery

These are just a few of the things you will find on your visit to Historic Cherry Valley, New York.


Cherry Valley as seen in the late 1800's & early 1900's
Many of the buildings still exist & are occupied today
Below are photos of The Civil War Monument, Main Street Shops, The Lithia Spring, The Limestone Mansion & NBT Bank all of which are still in use.

The Civil War Monument

Main Street- Most of these blds are still in use

Lithia Spring Past

Lithia Spring Present Day

A family in front of the Limestone Mansion

The National Central Bank- currently NBT Bank

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